Mrs. Oluwatoyin Oboh – Guiding the Way as the Executive Director

Founder | Director

Heading our leadership team is Mrs. Oboh, a steadfast advocate for educational excellence. With her wealth of experience and deep commitment to the school’s mission and vision, Mrs. Oboh serves as the guiding light, steering our institution towards achieving its goals. Her dedication to Christian values and educational innovation sets the tone for our school’s dynamic approach to learning.

Ms. Damilola Faleye

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders as Deputy Head of School

Ms. Dami, our Deputy Head of School, is a compassionate and dynamic leader who plays a pivotal role in shaping our students’ journey. With a focus on character development and leadership skills, Ms. Dami guides our students to become responsible and empowered individuals who make a positive impact on society.

Ms. Evelyn Watson

Cultivating Efficiency as Head of Administration

Efficiency is the hallmark of our school’s operations, and at the forefront is Ms. Evelyn. As the Head of Administration, she ensures that every aspect of the school runs seamlessly, allowing our students and staff to focus on what truly matters: learning and personal growth.

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