Welcome to Jewels Leading Lights Academy Nursery School, an esteemed institution nestled in the heart of Abuja. Our specially-tailored Early Years section is designed to provide an exceptional foundation for children aged 18 months to 5 and beyond. Recognized as one of the foremost Montessori schools in the region, we take pride in our adept educators and child-centric facilities.

Enrolling your child in our preschool ensures an unparalleled educational journey, as we seamlessly integrate the Montessori approach, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), and the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. This trifecta creates a holistic learning environment that empowers children to unlock their full potential.

Our meticulously adapted Montessori methodology fosters a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, where young minds thrive. At Jewels Leading Lights Academy, we are dedicated to guiding children towards excellence, providing the best educational experience that aligns with Montessori principles, EYFS standards, and the ACE curriculum. Join us on this educational adventure as we shape young minds for a bright future.


Early Years School Leaders

Abigail Asaolu (Head of Nursery)

Janemary Ngadu (Monitor)

Deborah Morgan (Assistant. Monitor)

Best Montessori School in Abuja, Nigeria

At Jewels Leading Lights Academy, our educational philosophy revolves around a child-centered approach, emphasizing neither imposing on our students nor leaving them entirely to free play. Our classrooms are enriched with Montessori didactic materials spanning five essential curriculum areas:

Child-Centered Learning:

At Jewels Leading Lights Academy, our educational philosophy centers around child-driven learning. Our dedicated teachers strike a balance between gentle guidance and fostering independence, ensuring that students neither feel imposed upon nor left to total free play.

Exploring the Senses in Sensorial Education:

Engaging a child’s curiosity, our Sensorial Education approach at Jewels Leading Lights Academy goes beyond traditional teaching. Through activities that stimulate taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing, students explore and understand the world around them, delving into colors, textures, tastes, numbers, and various sensory-rich situations.

ACE-Infused Math Mastery: Montessori & EYFS Excellence at Jewels Leading Lights Academy:

Experience the magic of math at Jewels Leading Lights Academy, where Montessori-inspired learning, integrated with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and ACE, comes to life. Students engage with tactile Montessori materials like number rods and golden beads, fostering a deep understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This hands-on approach lays a solid foundation for mathematical proficiency, ensuring a well-rounded education for every child.

Language Development Unveiled:

In the realm of language development, Jewels Leading Lights Academy employs innovative methods. From cultivating written expression and reading skills to honing writing, oral, and grammatical abilities, our students utilize tools like sandpaper and a large movable alphabet to enhance their language skills.

Cultural Enrichment Beyond the Classroom:

Jewels Leading Lights Academy takes cultural subjects to new heights, introducing students to geography, biology, life sciences, music, and art through hands-on experiences with didactic apparatus. This immersive approach lays the groundwork for independent personality development, cultural adaptation, and instills a sense of responsibility to contribute meaningfully to society.

Welcome to Jewels Leading Lights Academy, where our meticulously crafted curriculum areas, inspired by Montessori, EYFS, and ACE, offer crucial support for your child’s formative years. Our dedicated teachers serve as guides, fostering a learning environment that allows your child to thrive at their own pace.

In addition to the comprehensive Montessori curriculum, our preschool provides elective options to enrich your child’s experience. Choose from a variety of activities, including ballet, swimming, French, arts and crafts, cultural pursuits, indoor games, and captivating story time sessions.

The Montessori teaching method at Jewels Leading Lights Academy instills qualities of discipline, independence, cultural awareness, responsibility, creativity, imagination, and self-confidence in your child. Join us in nurturing a holistic educational journey for your little one.

Our Graduating Preschoolers

Why Choose Jewels Leading Lights Academy?

  1. Holistic Montessori Approach: Our academy adopts a holistic Montessori approach, providing a well-rounded education that nurtures not only academic excellence but also the social, emotional, and physical development of each child. The carefully organized Montessori environment ensures that your child learns and grows at their own unique pace.

  2. Experienced and Dedicated Teachers: At Jewels Leading Lights Academy, we take pride in our team of experienced and dedicated teachers who serve as guides in your child’s educational journey. Their commitment is to encourage and support your child through essential developmental processes, fostering a positive and nurturing learning atmosphere.

  3. Elective Enrichment Options: We go beyond the traditional curriculum by offering a range of elective options. From ballet and swimming to French, arts and crafts, cultural activities, gymnastics, indoor games, and story time, these activities complement your child’s education, providing a well-rounded and enriching experience.

  4. Engaging Weekly Assemblies: Every Monday at 8 am, our vibrant assemblies provide a platform for pupils to actively participate in songs, poems, recitations, and short plays. This fosters a sense of community and enhances public speaking and performance skills in a fun and supportive environment.

  5. Comprehensive Extracurricular Activities: Our preschool ensures a holistic development through outdoor activities, physical education, music, and even early exposure to ICT in the Pink Class. These activities contribute to the overall growth and well-being of our students.

  6. Cultivating Positive Traits: The Montessori teaching method employed at Jewels Leading Lights Academy instills essential qualities in your child, including discipline, independence, cultural awareness, responsibility, creativity, imagination, and self-confidence.